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New Horizon Tutors is a tutoring company dedicated to creating an intelligent and transparent tutoring experience, with competitive pricing, payments and partnerships. We seek tutors who have excelled in their subjects, consistently obtaining knowledge and pursuing the nourishment of the minds and lives of those around them.

Our digital system will find the best tutor for your child, taking your preferences into account. Enjoy freedom and flexibility.

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Whether you're a parent seeking lessons for your child, a tutor looking for a part-time job, or an enthusiastic individual looking to make extra money through our ambassador program, New Horizon is for you.

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New Horizon believes in rewarding hard work and passion. No matter how you're contributing to the difference we're making, there are prizes and rewards to be won. Make money by referring people to us. Earn vouchers and prizes for being the best tutors, parents and ambassadors.

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Be a part of a community that is completely diverse and versatile, with the common goal of inspiring and educating a generation, increasing knowledge, and supporting the South African economy.

We believe that every company should be socially responsible. We are therefore seeking to partner with South African businesses to provide lessons for underprivileged schools and children. This also creates income for tutors that never existed before!

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New Horizon is for the community. Our pricing is highly competitive, and most of the money made from lessons goes to tutors, which is generally unseen in tutoring companies.

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Although our system is automated, it comes with a 24/7 support system. Sign up, log in and log a complaint/comment and one of our consultants will work with you to resolve your problem.



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